Land use, ownership and nature protection in Horoka Tomamu



The Horoka Tomamu Montane Forest conservation area (indicated in pink on the map above) is surrounded by land owned by the Shimukappu local government (beige and purple), which in turn is surrounded by National Forest (green).

Most of the local government land adjacent to the conservation area is natural forest (beige). This is low-lying riverside land of great natural beauty that is an essential component of the landscape and a vital resource for the wildlife of the area. 

The local government also own extensive plantations, mainly on hills to the northeast (purple), part of an overall land holding of about 2,000 hectares. 


In the past, the local government have sold land as necessary to bona-fide enterprises and individuals. After meeting officials in April 2010 we applied to buy two small pieces of land (amounting to about 2.5 hectares) on the west side between the Horoka Tomamu Montane Forest (Mt Maru) and the National Forest (see map detail left, numbers 1 and 2). 

We wanted to include this land not only because of its unspoilt nature and beauty but also to facilitate a green animal migration corridor from the higher level conservation area to the National Forest, and enable easier visitor access on the lower west side. 

We also made a separate application to buy another piece of land directly south (see map detail, number 3, and our page on Riverbank Tree Cutting and Replanting).

Unfortunately, in July 2010, the Shimukappu local government decided not to proceed with our applications, subject to a review of land use policy. Nevertheless we remain committed to seeking protection for the adjacent riverside areas and available for further discussions with the local government. 

SCH and MMH, 22 October 2012