PechaKucha Nights 2018

In autumn 2018, we sponsored two evenings with a series of talks entitled Hokkaido: Biodiversity, Conservation and Climate Change.


Sapporo: Friday, 12 October 2018 at 6.30—10.30 pm. Location: Creative Salon MEET, Sacra Building 4F, North 5 West 11, Chuo-ku, Sapporo. (15 minutes from Sapporo JR Station)


Obihiro: Friday, 19 October 2018 6.30—8.30 pm. Location: Hotel and Café Nupka, West 2 South 10-20-3, Obihiro City Centre (5 minutes north of Obihiro JR Station)




1. Biodiversity:  Simon Holledge (in English with Japanese subtitles)


2. Looking at nature: Ben Averis (in English with Japanese subtitles)


3. What kind of place is Hokkaido? Impressions of heaven, earth and people of the northern island over five years: Akio Imamura (in Japanese)(*)


4. The Horoka Tomamu Montane Forest Project, a small-scale biodiversity conservation project: Masumi Maruo Holledge  (in Japanese)


5. Exploring the forests of Hokkaido: Ben Averis (in English with Japanese subtitles)


6. Hokkaido forests from an artist's perspective: Elen Averis (in English with Japanese subtitles)


7. Forests and hills as local resources: sustainable logging and forestry sharing: Shogo Shimizu (in Japanese) (*


(*)Only in Sapporo, not Obihiro.


These talks followed the PechaKucha format, limiting presenters to 20 Powerpoint slides, each lasting 20 seconds, in order to concentrate on essentials and (hopefully) eliminate everything boring and irrelevant!


Admission ¥500 (with one complementary drink).


SCH 21 November 2018